[How to make bean sprouts]_Recommended diet

[How to make bean sprouts]_Recommended diet

Bean sprouts have a variety of cooking methods, which can be eaten cold or fried, and can be eaten with other ingredients and stews, and have rich nutritional value.

At the same time, bean sprouts, as a daily ingredient, can either be purchased directly from the surface of the city, or they can make raw bean sprouts at home, which is relatively safe to eat.

Next, I will introduce the specific methods of raw bean sprouts in detail.

First, pick good mung beans.

Put the full-grained mung beans in a clean container, pour an appropriate amount of water, and then add water to soak.

At this time, some mung beans will float on the water surface. This is some broken mung beans or immature mung beans. When the sprouts are raw, they cannot produce complete sprouts and should be screened out.

Then, soak for about 12 hours to allow the mung beans to fully absorb moisture.

Then drain and prepare a clean container. The lower end should preferably be vented, or placed in a sieve.

Cover the green beans with a layer of cotton cloth, and pour water on the cotton cloth with a water tap. Make sure that the water can flow out, otherwise it will not help the raw bean sprouts.

Finally, keep watering daily to give the cotton a moist feel.

You can use water directly on the cotton cloth, do not lift the cotton cloth, otherwise the sprouts will become discolored.

At the same time, you can press a bowl on the cotton cloth, so the bean sprouts are thick and strong, and the taste is better.

The bean sprouts are ready for cooking in about 3 days.

The above is the specific operation of raw bean sprouts. You can follow the steps described above. The method is relatively simple. You only need to pay attention to the process to ensure that there is no pollution of oil or other debris to avoid affecting the mung bean sprout rate.

The bean sprouts made by yourself are clean and hygienic, you can try it at home, and it will be more convenient to eat.